I just want to thank the funeral director, Tami, as my family just had a death and she was compassionate and handled everything that our family discussed, she made that happen! Thank you Tami!!!

Richard T

March '23 - Daytona

My special needs adult son Shawn passed away in January very unexpectedly. The police who came to our home highly recommended Lohman's. They were the most caring, wonderful people I have ever met! Everyone was helpful and took care of everything for me since I had no idea where to begin, and gave me a folder of invaluable information. I recommend this funeral home to anyone who experiences a loss whether unexpected or long awaited. The empathy and sympathy help get us through the worst of the shock

Denise P

February '23 - Daytona

I recently attended my uncle's funeral, and Candace at Lohman Funeral Home was wonderful, she was incredibly caring and genuine, and really go above and beyond to ensure our wants and needs are met. She made our difficult day a little better. Thank you!

Ashley O

February '23 - Port Orange

The experience that I had with Lohman when way beyond my expectations. On short notice, they oversaw a Cremated Memorial for my daughter. Family, guests and friends were highly impressed. I would definitely use them again. Seek (Tim) McPadden out. He has a ton of information.

Larry K

January '23 - Port Orange

I recently attended "Coping With Colors" at Lohman Funeral Home and had a wonderful time. This event is a brilliant way to help cope with loss as it gives you a couple hours to open your mind to your creative side! Having recently experienced multiple losses in my immediate family, I found this very relaxing! Can't wait to attend another class! I also impressed myself with my adorable Flamingo (who I named Farrah)!

Patricia R

January '23 - Daytona